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Euro Country Rock

Legendary tattoo artist Mario Barth leads “About Kings,” Europe’s hardest hitting Country Rock band which has just recorded its first all-English US album in Nashville. The new 14 song Album was produced by Grammy & Oscar nominated Music Producer & songwriter/musician Kent Wells (Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Travis Tritt, Carly Pearce, The Whites, Linda Davis), and recorded at Sound Stage Studios and Dark Horse Recording. “About Kings” band formed in 2017, and is fronted by Mario Barth’s powerful lead vocals and guitar, with fellow famed tattoo artist Bob Tyrrell on rhythm guitar. Croatia’s guitar god Alen Brentini sails on lead guitar / vocals, paired with gifted country rock musician Kevin Ogburn on bass, and Nashville native Shane Hoskins’ driving drums.


“About Kings” is originally from Austria, and they have played to crowds of over 80,000 in Europe, and toured with Austrian superstar singer Andreas Gabalier. Incredibly for a Southern Rock Country Band, their first album was primarily sung in German! The record was a hit in Europe. Songs from their album, “Guardian Angel” passed 1 million Plays on Spotify, and the music video for their song “Easy Rider” currently has over 2 million Views on YouTube. Their song “Weikhard Uhr” hit #13 on iTunes chart Austria.


Thanks for joining us October 27, 2021 at the World Tattoo & Piercing Industry Trade Conference for our US Debut in Fabulous Las Vegas. We're currently editing all the fantastic footage and will be releasing videos soon, so join the mailing list to get all the updates!


"{About Kings} captivated the audience with their blend of country, rock, blues, and a bit of Euro"


"many fans went to social media to declare the Country Rockers had stolen the show"


"a unique core of band members that are true artists inside and outside of music"

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Wielding the largest portfolio of tattooing interests in the world, Mario owns and operates tattoo studio retail locations in Europe and in the United States. He holds the honor of creating the first tattoo studio on the Las Vegas Strip, and is the Owner-Founder of premiere tattoo ink manufacturer, INTENZE Products, Inc, that is the standard for excellence and safety in the industry worldwide.